Mayotte has been an overseas department of France since  2011 and is located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean, between northern Madagascar and northern Mozambique. The territory is geographically part of the Comoro Islands

Mayotte is made up of several islets covered with luxuriant vegetation. The two largest are Grande-Terre and Pamandzi (or Petite-Terre), where our agency is situated (at the airport), surrounded by a lagoon, which at  1,100 square kilometres, is one of the biggest in the world.  

The lagoon is formed by a coral reef encircling much of the 160 km long island. The coral reef surrounds nearly all of the island with the exception of a dozen passes, including one in the East called "Passe S ". The lagoon is dotted with hundreds of coral islands, some of which, for example M'Zamboro, are amazing.

The islands that form Mayotte have a rich ocean wildlife.

Located below the equator in the western Indian Ocean, the islands have a maritime tropical climate, average temperatures range between 23 and30°C.

The main island, Grande-Terre, is 39 kilometers long and 22 kilometers wide, and its highest points are: Mount Benara (660 m), Mount Choungui (572 m), Mount Mtsapéré (572 m) and Mount Combani (477 m).  Mamoudzou is the capital of Mayotte and is situated on Grande-Terre.

Dzaoudzi-Labattoir, Pamandzi (and the airport) are situated on Petite-Terre which at 11 square kilometers.

M’Zamboro is the third largest island, It is mainy inhabited by fishermen and is known for its culture of orange.

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The ferry, La Barge is the means of transport between Mamoudzou on Grande-Terre and Dzaoudzi on Petite-Terre, where the airport is situated. It runs every  30 minutes and the cost of the crossing from Grande-terre to Petite-terre is 15 euros / vehicle (including one passenger) and less than one euro per additional passenger   It is free in the other direction.


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